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Throughout the years, poverty and illiteracy have reached an alarming level in Haiti. The children of Haiti are suffering and lacking the very basic necessities to live their daily live. They lack a family, home, food, and education.


Many children are given away by their parents to other families and even orphanages as they are looking for a better future for them. However, the reality is totally deceiving as these receiving families do not fulfill the hopes of those children and their families. These kids are used as maids, property and sexual objects. Their condition worsen, they are no longer with their parents, separated from siblings in some cases and no hope for the education that they are longing for.


Our Mission:

Changing the lives of children from low socio-economical class of Haiti  with the highest standard of care and education that they deserve through promoting, restoring and preserving the family unit.

Vision: Haiti’s youth to overcome adversity and illiteracy through Love, Hope and Education